'SOMEDAY, WE WILL BECOME WHO WE ARE' | سنكون يوماً ما نريد' - Mahmoud Darwish



I always want to capture on screen the soul in the faces of those I love. In this case it was strangers who turned into friends. Friends who became family. The young collaborators and first time actors Asaad, Salam, Hussein and Wazira. Not just refugees, but rockstars... 

Rupture is a film I made from my gut. It took a year and was marked at it's inception and finality by the death of loved ones. I arrived to the Arab — Syrian community in Surrey wanting to connect. Initially, it was connecting to my people, my language, my familial past of displacement and diaspora, but looking back on it now, I wanted, more than anything, to connect with someone who experienced sudden loss. 

We wanted to create a real collaboration. Envisioning what would happen with empathy, trust and a shared purpose that centres their narrative. Merging the stories of their newfound lives in Canada with their difficult memories from the past into a fictional structure, and conducting various acting workshops to create a hybrid of the real and the imagined. The result was a meaningful ride for both cast and crew. A cathartic process where cast members were able to express feelings connected to real life experiences of death, war and hope, in a safe space without feeling exposed, which was crucial to the authenticity of the piece. 

The creative process, as well as the personal experience of working with the Asaad, Salam, Hussein and Wazira, taught me that loss is not only bound in dramatic moments of climatic tension. It often seeps in the mundane, the insignificant, and the absurd. Loss is in the pain and the courage it takes in knowing, that it will all pass, and it will all come back again.